Depression is a drag.

Depression is a drag.

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If you know me, you'll know about my obsession with Ru Paul at the moment. Primarily with Ru Paul's drag race All Stars season 2. I love a good drag queen and this show has introduced me to some GREAT drag queens. Watching the show brings me an unholy amount of joy, there is so much life, fun, colour, fashion and art that it would be hard for me not to like it.
Through watching the show I have come to love 'Mama Ru'- host and the queen of queens. Aside from Allstars she has a podcast that she presents with her trusty sidekick Michelle Visage. At one point, it was brought to my attention that Michelle has a young daughter who has experienced some pretty extreme depression, she's now on medication and is by all accounts doing really well. Michelle is open to discussing her struggles on the podcast and I trawled hard looking for specific episodes to hear more about it. To my great pleasure I found a number of 'casts where Ru and Michelle talk openly about depression and anxiety. One of which I have linked to this blog for you to have a listen.

I have it here because they talk about it the way I want to talk about it - as normal as discussing how you take your tea. Furthermore, there are so many moments where I found myself nodding along with them as they discuss their experiences.  

Two things of note I took from the episode:

  • People who are more creative are more likely to see through the 'Matrix' of life. You know, when you just know no matter how hard you fight 'the man' your always going to be the little guy struggling to survive, riding the wave and perhaps staying too long at the bottom.
  • How important sleep is.

So, it's important for us to address both of these when everything seems black, hopeless and overwhelming. It's also important for us to be really mindful of what we do, when we do it

That one thing that brings you light, do it. And do it with purpose. Pay attention to the little details. You can get into a state of 'flow' where time while pass and you will have done nothing else but look at the tiny strokes of your pen, or the minute scene details in a TV series you have watched a thousand times before. 

Sleeeeeep, sleep, sleep sleep. SO important. Get 8 hours if you can. Turn off the iphone, the tablet and/or Netflix ('cause I know you're probably running them all at once), acknowledge that the morning will bring you dread (I get this every morning) and know that you survived today, you'll survive tomorrow. If your an insomniac, much like me, my best advice is exercise. Exercise is the most common but most underutilised anti-depressant in world and it's FREE. I will bang on and on about it until the end of time but I know, I KNOW it works. It burns up your residual cortisol, increases endorphin levels and you'll be tired.  You'll sleep, you'll sleep like a baby if you can just crank into some cardio, or even go for a relaxing swim followed by a hot shower.

Below is the ep, enjoy. And laugh, Michelle and Ru are funny and full of life. Both have so much life experience they can teach us a thing or two. Just hearing them talk fills me with joy and actually I've found myself with a lot of motivation to get up off the couch and make things happen since listening to their show. Like a little bit of magic.

At ease soldiers.

RuPaul: What's The Tee? with Michelle Visage by The Paragon Collective. Free to listen to through itunes, not late at night though, I need you to sleep!



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