Sobriety is punk

Sobriety is punk

I've mentioned this before, I don't drink. I haven't drank in almost two years except once or twice on an extremely special occasion. I'm actually comfortable with never drinking again. I told this to someone recently and they looked at me like I had lost my mind. I haven't, I swear. Like mental health, it gives people the heebie jeebies, it frightens (and occasionally intimidates) those around you, the specific reasons I have yet to figure out. To me it now seems crazy to berate someone who chooses to not partake in drinking but, I know I was definitely guilty of it before in my life. Never, ever again.

Recently I've been talking really openly about it with some people who are curious about an alcohol free life. They are surprised (I hope pleasantly) by the amount of amazing things I have to say about it and, it makes them more comfortable to give it a try. If you experience mental health problems, especially anxiety and depression, giving it up even just for a while can do amazing things for your body, mind and your soul. Here are 10 reasons I don't drink anymore:

1. More money!

2. Better sleep. Every. Single. Night. Ohhhh yeah!

3. I discovered and fell in love with yoga. (Plus I can make it to morning classes now!)

4. I read more, because I don't crash out so quickly, in a chardonnay stupor.

5. I work better, more efficiently and with complete dedication to my business and my clients. I'm motivated on a Monday, rather than wishing it was Friday to rinse and repeat the nights out. 

6. I'm the fittest I have been in my entire life.

7. Coffee. The worst thing in the world when I had a hangover, now tastes like the nectar of the gods.

8. My nutritional intake is better. Although, I'll still wolf down a pizza when I feel like it.

9. I meditate every single night.

10. I have consistency in everything I do. I don't stop/start activities because of intermittent hangovers.

Giving up alcohol is harder than you think. The reactions you get from your nearest and dearest can occasionally be so uncomfortable you feel like accepting and taking a drink from them just to kill the awkwardness in the air. This should never be the case and I wish it was different. In the beginning I struggled, I hated that look they had in their eyes, the 'what's wrong with you look', the panic and the confusion and the constant 'are you pregnant?' questions drove me crazy. I have now (like my mental health) grown proud of not drinking, I'm fiercely protective over my abstinence. I don't like to be challenged or 'coaxed' into drinking. In fact it's about the only thing that really pushes my buttons and makes my blood boil, I DO NOT like to be challenged over my sobriety.

Giving it up, for whatever reason, is rebellious. It's the new rock and roll, it's punk (look up the 'straight-edge movement'). We're heading into 'Dry July' and I love that people are on-board for a month away from drinking to raise money. It also scares me the amount of people who do the month and it's hard for them, it's long and 'boring' and they can't wait for it to be over. This year, try something different. Fill the drinking time with something new - pop the money you save into a clear jar, go out dancing (it's still fun sober, trust me!), get up and watch the sunrise, start something creative, read books, discover podcasts, go to the cinema in the afternoon, walk, exercise, make new friends, fill the drinking time, fill it up, don't wait for the month to be over, change your perception of being sober. Who knows maybe you'll love it like I do.

At ease xx


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