Konga FAQs

  • Can I bring my kids? Yes, they can join in or there is an area where they can chill.
  • Do you have showers? Yes! It's a fully equipped CrossFit studio with toilets showers and a kitchen.
  • Do you have Eftpos? Cash only for now but I'm working on getting eftpos. 
  • Do I have to have dancing experience? Nope! Moves are easy to follow, just come and have fun.
  • What do I need to bring? Plenty of water (refill available on site), a mat, a towel and a great big smile!
  • Is there parking? Rosebank Road has plenty of street parking but the Studio itself has parking directly outside. On a Saturday morning you should be sorted!
  • Are the songs you use explicit? Very occasionally there may be songs I use which have inappropriate lyrics.

If you have any other questions send me a message!